Exfoliating Lava Stone


Use this stone to exfoliate your dead skin away! Even helps on tough foot calluses. This is a pumice stone, which is formed when lava from volcanoes flows into water. When lava and water meet, it instantly turns into stone and is perfect for a light, yet abrasive exfoliator! Pumice stones help increase blood flow and regenerate new skin cells when used all over the body.

After a long day, soak your feet for 10 minutes in our Muscle Bath Soak. Scrub your heels and toes with the pumice stone and brush off the dead skin. Dry off, and massage feet with our Shea Butter Body Cream before going to bed. Cover your feet with socks, and the next morning you’ll wake up with baby soft feet.

To get longer use from your Pumice Stone Brush, we recommend sterilizing it to eliminate bacteria. Your feet carry lots of toxins, so it’s important to keep your stone clean. You can either soak your stone in boiling water, or in a bleach or detergent solution for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and allow the stone brush to dry before using

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