Our Partnership With 
The Lovin' Soap Project

    1. You shop: Every time you buy an Aromatherapy Shower Steamer, a Shea Butter Body Cream, or a Bath Bomb Confetti Push Pop, you are strengthening economic opportunities among women living in poverty.
    2. We donate: 5% of Cait + Co's proceeds go directly to the Lovin' Soap Project. The LSP uses donations to collaborate with partners and set up workshops on the ground in countries like Senegal, Uganda, Tibet, India, and Haiti, in addition to many others.
    3. They educate: Instead of implementing a short-term fix and leaving, the Lovin' Soap Project goes into these communities for extended periods of time to teach women and girls the art of soap making. Caitlin has even gotten to take 2 trips to Kenya as a teacher! The LSP also provides ongoing support after they leave the country to ensure these women are able to maintain their businesses within their communities.
    4. Families thrive: This work not only offers a long-term solution to systemic hygiene issues in these communities, it also provides steady work and a better standard of living to women, their daughters, and future generations, as well as a new cycle of health and well-being.
The Lovin' Soap Project empowers women with economic opportunity through the micro-business of artisan soap making. 5% of Cait + Co's proceeds are donated to The Lovin' Soap Project