Activated Charcoal Bath Soak


Our exotic Charcoal Bath Soak is an alluring combination of pure Pacific Sea Salt, activated charcoal made from coconut shells, and Black Hawaiian Sea Salt. Charcoal is a deep cleansing, active ingredient that purifies the skin and helps to improve blemishes. Sink into a lush, detoxifying bath and imagine the famous black sand beaches of Hawaii.

Ingredients: Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Sea Salt (Contains Activated Charcoal), Essential Oil Blend

To use, draw a warm bath. Sprinkle a quarter of the jar of bath soak into water, and settle in for a long, relaxing bathing experience.

We donate 5% of our revenue to the Lovin’ Soap Project, a nonprofit organization that provides women and girls in developing countries with access to education, economic opportunities, and equality.

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