Alfalfa Muscle Bath Soak


Overexerting yourself lately? Unwind a little with our relaxing muscle soak. We blend vitamin-rich alfalfa leaf powder with soaking salts and lavender essential oil to soothe aches and pains, detoxify, and relax the whole body.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Alfalfa Leaf Powder—rich in vitamins and minerals, cleanses impurities, soothes muscles
  2. Sea Salt—promotes blood circulation, removes toxins, and revitalizes the skin
  3. Epsom Salt—eases minor aches and pains
  4. Lavender Essential Oil—soothes, relaxes the mind and body, and enhances blood circulation 

To use, draw a hot bath. Sprinkle a quarter of the jar of bath soak into water. Settle in for a long, relaxing bath experience.

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We donate 5% of our revenue to the Lovin’ Soap Project, a nonprofit organization that provides women and girls in developing countries with access to education, economic opportunities, and equality.

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Customer Reviews

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